You are amazing.  Thank you so much for today.  You were my favorite photographer to work with.  You were so kind and helpful to us as we have no idea how to do stuff like this.  You blessed us so much.  


We absolutely love them!!  You captured such amazing moments!  As long as you're in Bend you'll be our go to photographer and I'm definitely singing your praises!  

Untitled photo

These are absolutely amazing!  You just captured everyone so perfectly.  Can't thank you enough for always making this so effortless. You make is so easy, relaxing and fun, and the photos always reflect that.  Your talent hangs all over our walls and is always cherished.


Oh man!! The cuteness!!  You are a miracle worker.


OMG I'm obsessed!!  Thank you again for everything!  That was seamless.  


Once I stopped crying, I was able to see the pics clearly!  These are AMAZING!  I can't thank you enough, these pics are very special to me. 


"Margie is an incredibly gifted photographer - she takes 1,000s of photos and then sends you the BEST ones after color retouching them so they are crisp, amazing quality and the color scheme of the photo is perfect.  Her eye for framing a picture is superb and she plays well with light/water so if you have the opportunity to do a beach shoot with her TAKE IT.

The value is incomparable.  She was so patient with the kids, dogs- unphased by toddlers shrieking or puppies running amok.  She stayed cheerful and even though I thought our pictures were not going to turn out very well - SHE GOT SO MANY AMAZING SHOTS!  Cannot recommend her enough (I have already passed out her info to all my friends).

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